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Movie posters are a very versatile part of the film experience, this is because they do so much more than simply inform potential viewers about a specific film, but they are also a great way of expressing your interests and cinematic tastes. Film posters have to ensure that they grab peoples' attention as soon as they see them, which means that a bold image and text is key to success. 

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               Iconic American Youth Film Festival Movie Posters

The American Youth Film Festival added a movie poster contest to the film festival lineup for 2017. This contest is open to all elementary school, middle school, high school and college students in two divisions, Film Division and Non-Film Division.

Film Division: Movie posters based on an official American Youth Film Festival entry. Photographers, graphic designers, animators, multimedia artists, etc...partner with student film maker to create a movie poster based on the film maker's AYFF submission. The poster may be based on movie stills or may be a caricature design.

Each American Youth Film Festival Movie Poster entry must be: 
1. Digital submission only. 
2. 1275 x 1800 pixels (17 in. x 24 in.) with one half inch white border.
3. Saved as .jpg (JPEG) in RBG format not to exceed 3MB.

All American Youth Film Festival Movie Poster submissions will be displayed in a slideshow on the American Youth Film Festival website.  A select number of posters will be featured in a separate exhibit at the American Youth Film Festival Movie Poster Gallery.  Click HERE to complete the Intent to Participate form.

Remember to... 

"Be creative, use props and let your imagination run wild, but most of all have fun!"

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