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Thank you for supporting  The American Youth Film Festival, the premier film festival for student filmmakers and actors to showcase their talents. New for 2020, we are proud to announce the launch of The American Youth Film Festival Television Network and to celebrate this milestone, we are highlighting student filmmakers and their cast and crew from this year's festival season. We are requesting more information and insight into the young talent used in each film. We would like for you, the filmmaker, as well as the youth cast and crew associated with your film to submit additional background information via demo reels, film trailers, B-rolls, movie stills and an edited self-taped interview, sample questions are listed below. This opportunity is open to all youth filmmakers, actors, actresses, models, cameramen, writers, etc...involved in the completion of your film entry. This content will promote your brand, provide programming for the AYFF - TV Network and be used during the festival to engage the audience and give them insight into the creativity used to complete your project.  You can submit this content via our FilmFreeway page at no charge (PASSCODE: AYFFTV)  Please include the following in your self-taped interview:


Pre-interview onscreen credits must include:

Name: John Q. Student

School/Organization: AYFF Middle School, Washington, DC

AYFF Film Title: I Am The Future of Entertainment

Role in Film: Filmmaker, Actor, Writer, Cameraman, etc…

Social Media Links: Facebook






Sample Questions (Please give detailed answers)   

  1. How long have you been a Filmmaker, Actor, Writer, etc…?
  2. Is this your first project submitted to the American Youth Film Festival?
  3. The American Youth Film Festival’s goal is to showcase young talent, why is that important?
  4. What or who was your inspiration to become a Filmmaker, Actor, Writer, etc…?
  5. Who’s your favorite Filmmaker, Actor, Writer, etc…?
  6. What’s your favorite movie of all-time? Why?
  7. Do you plan to work professionally as a Filmmaker, Actor, Writer, etc…? Why?
  8. Which Hollywood Filmmaker or Actor would you like to work with most? Why?
  9. What advice would you give other young Filmmakers, Actors, Writers, etc…that are considering a career in the entertainment industry?
  10. Why is it important for the community to support youth film projects? Youth filmmakers? Youth actors? (For example: Not all youth are gifted athletes. The arts show your creativity. Etc…)
  11. Your final thoughts?


Please answer the questions in detail as much as you can and use an A-roll and B-roll cross-fade between questions in your edit. Interviews may be edited further for clarity and time purposes. Click HERE to submit your entry via FilmFreeway using PASSCODE: AYFFTV. Thank you again for your participation in The American Youth Film Festival, we hope to see you in Atlanta.


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