Shoot Film Not Guns                    Anti-bullying/Stop The Violence Careers In Film Initiative

Violence in our society is as old as the republic itself. It has affected nearly every American in some form or another and is not just committed by one race or class in our society. From everyday working class citizens to our most celebrated entertainers, athletes, political and world leaders, status has not provided immunity from violent acts, some have even lost their lives to senseless acts of violence in schools, places of worship, shopping malls, movie theatres and the workplace. 


The American Youth Film Festival is excited to use its platform to announce the launch of The Shoot Film Not Guns Anti-bullying/Stop The Violence Initiative, and we would like to partner with student filmmakers, actors, actresses and influencers to host in select cities in 2020. This initiative is designed to encourage youth and their usage of smart phones by exploring the field of cinematic arts as cinematographers, directors, screenwriters, editors, and producers. In each city, the event will begin with a series of Careers in Film workshops (i.e. acting, editing, camera operation, directing, production) and culminate with an Anti-bullying/Stop the Violence interactive panel discussion.  At the end of each event, participants will be challenged to assemble a small production team to create a “Anti-bullying/Stop the Violence” PSA to be submitted to The American Youth Film Festival and the winning PSA and production team will be recognized at The American Youth Film Festival in Atlanta in June 2020. The workshops and interactive panel discussions will be held in various cities around the country throughout the year, please click here to join the movement and co-host an event or to make a TAX - DEDUCTIBLE donation click here.



FACT: Retail price of Smartphones range from $550.00 - $1,500.00 (SOURCE:


FACT: 95% of Teenagers, regardless of race, gender or socioeconomic background, have access to a smartphone.


FACT: Teenagers who have smartphones are avid users of those extra features:

  • 83% use their phones to take pictures and/or selfies.
  • 64% share pictures with others.
  • 32% exchange videos on their phones.
  • 23% access social network sites on their phones.


FACT: Teenagers use their smartphones to film rap battles among their peers or negative events like street fights and then share on social media channels i.e. YouTube, InstaGram, SnapChat and/or with friends who have smartphones.


FACT: If teenagers can use their smartphones to film rap battles among their peers or negative events like street fights, they can use their smartphones to film movies and music videos for a living.


FACT: YouTube, SnapChat, InstaGram and Facebook social media channels are most popular among 92% of teenagers


FACT: The first full-length film “shot entirely on a cell phone” was 2008’s SMS Sugar Man using a Sony’s Ericsson W900i.


 2020 Cities And Dates

ATLANTA, GA - Saturday March 7, 2020     5:00pm - 8:00pm

                          Fulton County Government Center

                                     141 Pryor St. SW


MACON, GA - Saturday March 14, 2020     Time TBA

                             U Create Macon too

                      150 Willie Smokie Glover Dr.

                     Central City Park - Boathouse 


DALLAS, TX - Wednesday March 18, 2020  6:00pm - 9:00pm

                                1319 S. Lamar St. 


AUSTIN, TX - Friday March 20, 2020      Time TBA

​                    The Microsoft Store - The Domain

                    3309 Esperanza Crossing Ste 104 


COLUMBUS, GA - Saturday March 21, 2020   9:00am - 12:00pm

                                    Carver High School

                                       3100 8th Street


LOUISVILLE, KY - Saturday April 11, 2020    9:00am - 12:00pm

                                           Location TBA


CHICAGO, IL - Sunday April 19, 2020

                     Location & Time TBA


HUNTSVILLE, AL - Saturday April 26, 2020

                          Location & Time TBA


JACKSONVILLE, FL - Saturday May 9, 202

                                     Location & Time TBA 


CHARLOTTE, NC - Sunday May 17, 2020  

                             Location & Time TBA


AUGUSTA, GA - Saturday May 24, 2020

                           Location & Time TBA



Please check back for schedule updates.



Shoot Film Not Guns
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